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Monitored check out in source code management system. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198634D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-11
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When multiple users check out and modify the same file, software compares the copies of every user as soon as the changes are made/saved, notifies users if there is conflict among the copies.

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Monitored check out in source code management system .

Disclosure is a software that mitigate code change conflict when multiple user work on the same filesimultaneously.

Current approach & problem:

In current code management system (such as ClearCase and Microsoft VSS). Programmer ABC can reservedcheck out file so that other programmers can't modify it before ABC's check in.

If multiple programmers want to modify the same file at the same time, they have to unreserved checkout the file. In many cases, programmers have to resolve many conflicts when check in the file.

The solution:

Let us use ClearCase as example. Programmers check out file in unreserved mode while ClearCase will monitor code change of every programmer.

When any programmer's code modification cause conflict and ClearCase can't resolve the conflict automatically, ClearCase will send a notification (who cause conflict, which file has conflict and the place of conflict in file) to all related programmers.


The programmers will know the problem at the beginning instead of facing tons of conflicts when codemodification finished. Programmers can take action such as check in current changes and prioritize his work to work on other files.

How to implement:

We define a new check out mode named Monitored. In this mode, the file check out is unreserved. Whenany programmer modify his copy at client side, ClearCase client send the code change to server, server store all change and compare them. If s...