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Colorful Version Controller for Collaborative Document Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198637D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-11
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This invention is to show document evolving history using different color scheme to separate contributor and color temperature to represent the age of changes.

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Colorful Version Controller for Collaborative Document

Disclosed is a system for people to view multiple changes in a single document in one place by using document evolving history information. In a collaboration environment, it is common for people to work together on the same document. People rely on revision controller to get a rough idea on what have been changed.

But existing tools (e.g.,

) can only provide information in the following two aspects:
a. What does the latest revision look like?
b. What changes have been made between two different revisions and who made such changes ?

The single view that contains all the detailed changes of one document (called document evolving history) is valuable in following areas:
- Make it easier to understand the collaboration status,

- Highlight the hot section which changes frequently. -

Avoid manually compare version-to-version for multiple times.

The possible candidate methods to display document evolving history are called playback and morphing [1]. Playback is a technique to save check-points during authoring and can replay the changes like a video to show how document changed, e.g. Google Wave*. Morphing is to quickly traverse revision images so users get visual illusion that document revision is morphed to future revision, thus help users to understand the document changes. The basic idea behind them is to show single revision at a time, but traverse quickly forward or backward. Thus the major disadvantage is that they don't fit well for small-chunk-many-revisions case.

This invention chose a different path to solve the evolving history problem. Instead of splitting changes and traverse, it tries to consolidate all the changes in one place using the whole color space.

Using color to represent difference or highlight changes is a common sense for human . E.g., MS Word** review function uses color to represent different reviewer and allow reviews to see all comments in one document; diff/patch tool source code control system compares two revisions and highlight changes using color; Tomoyuki [2] used color to track history record in copy machines; and Yoshinori[3] invented an information compare tool using colors.

By using different color scheme to separate contributors and color temperature to represent the age of changes, this invention is



whether it's in active editing, or already stable and mature


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able to show document evolving history in one page without user intervention.

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