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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198651D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-11
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When users speak more than one languages and go to multilingual sites, don’t know whether this URL has an equivalent translation URL. Users need to use a different windows or tab to see translated pages. It is a browser plug in. So when a user is at a link, can right mouse click or from menu, will see a choice to check the equivalent translated links. It will send this form back to the host site. The host site will return back the translated links. Then browser will give a pop-up list to show the available and translated pages. Then the user can see all the translated page links and select his/her preferred one. The user can also select a language preference and the plug-in would search for translated websites that match the user's language preference and automatically redirect to the preferred language translation. The advantages are for both end user, for multilingual web site administrator, and for TVT project manager and developers. For end users: It is convenient to see the navigate to the equivalent translated pages. For multilingual web site administrator, it is easy and more accurate to check/update all the translated pages. For TVT project manager and developers: It provides a management tool to organized what pages should be translated and provides a map to organize and test the whole web application TVT projects.

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Preview of translated links

When users speak more than one language, and go to multilingual sites, users don't know whether this URL has an equivalent translation URL.

It is a browser plug in. So when mouse cursor is on top of a link, user can right mouse click and a list of available links to translated versions of the site will appear if available. Alternatively, if other plug-ins or options are available it will appear as a sub-menu of right mouse click options. It will generate a form and use a servlet call back to host server. If the host server cannot handle to the servlet call, the browser will show "not available" info. If the host server can handle this servlet call, it will start to check either Java resource bundle or the info in the meta-tag. If this is a generated page, then it will generate the same info with different char set and send those translated URLs back.The user can use the browser's Common User Acces (CUA) to open the translated page in a different tab or a different window.

Browser Translated URLs preview

 Host server receive the form

Check the property file and meta tag for charset.

If it is a static page and there are translated URLs, use the URLs.

If generated page and there are translated URLs, use the URL with translated charID.

   Browser Right mouse click Select check translated URLs

Generate a form to send to host server

  Browser Shows a popup window to show translated URLs

User can click the translated URLs.



Host serv...