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System of Method to send highlighted document segment(s)

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198687D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-12
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Currently there's no quick way for a user to send a document to a recipient where there is direct navigation to the segment that sender thinks is the most pertinent to the receiver. For example, if several people are collaborating on a presentation via email there maybe specific areas that are assigned to each participants. The sender would direct each participant to their respective slides in the presentation by manually listing the slides for each recipient. This is inefficient in a highly collaborative working environment, as each participant must scroll through the presentation to get to their respective slides. Also for the case where the document is very large (1TB or more) it can be very time consuming to send over the internet (e.g. over a slow network). In cases like this, the receiver doesn't really need to have the entire document. So it would be wiser to send just a segment (or multiple segments) of the large document that contains the relevant information needed by the receiver.

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System of Method to send highlighted document segment (s)

This invention takes a document where there are many people collaborating on content and add properties to this document which pairs recipient(s) with their respective segment(s).

Each highlighted segment can have several properties such as "Starting line", "Ending line", "Order Number", and "Recipient". The starting and ending line numbers indicate the starting and ending line numbers of the highlighted segment in the document. The order number indicates the priority of each highlighted segment when tabbing through the document.

For example send the entire document with segments that are specified for the recipient: If a particular highlighted segment of the order number=1, this means that when a recipient opens a document, the document is automatically scrolled down to the first highlighted segment for the recipient. The recipient property specifies a recipient's email address or recipient's unique id. It is up to an email, chat or other collaborative applications of the document to verify the user's email address/id to the "Recipient" property value to validate the access. However, if there is only one recipient then there is no need to specify a recipient, therefore the document will be scrolled down to the highlighted segment of the order number =1.

An example of sending a segment of a document out of context to a recipient(s): Extract the segments from the original document into a new temporary docum...