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Optimal Meeting Location Scheduling based on Environmental Footprint Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198693D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-12
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Disclosed is a system to schedule rooms for events in a manner that requires the smallest environmental footprint or energy usage by considering the needs of the meeting attendees, time of the meeting, and projected location of the meeting.

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Optimal Meeting Location Scheduling based on Environmental Footprint

Disclosed is a system that takes in as inputs the projected attendees, corresponding attendee temperature/energy needs profile, desired meeting time, and resources required for the meeting. These attributes will be compared to the room energy profile for available rooms. The room profiles will take into consideration the required energy to meet the temperature and energy requirements of the projected participants and the required resources.

The system will extract projected weather conditions for the proposed time of the meeting from an external system. Given the attendee and room energy profiles combined with data extracted from external systems, the system will suggest a meeting room that will require the smallest environmental footprint with respect to energy usage and still provide a suitable environment for a productive meeting.

Primary Advantage: Minimize power usage while reducing the necessity for participants to modify the room thermostat and ensuring that meeting participants are comfortable.

The system will extract an energy profile for each of the projected attendees that will provide temperature and lighting preferences as well as information about the temperature and lighting needs history from previous meetings each attendee has attended. An additional option is for the system to also take into consideration meeting topic or goals when calculating the projected temperature and lighting needs for a room.

Each room profile will provide information such as the average temperature for the room based upon outside weath...