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Cable Extraction Tool

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198695D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-12
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Disclosed is an extraction tool for removing cable assemblies requiring simultaneous latch actuation from severs or I/O (input and output) devices such switches. The tool provides a dual action feature that will eliminate operator variability and prevent damage to the cable or card connector.

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Cable Extraction Tool

I/O cable assemblies are often difficult to unplug without damage. In particular, latch style cables that require simultaneous actuation of both latches and pulling can be damaged during multiple insertion withdrawal cycles. High withdrawal forces can result in cable damage. Servers can use many cable per machine. This limits access to the cable assemblies making unplugging even more challenging.

An extraction tool that with a single motion will pull the lanyard to open the latches and grab the connector housing simultaneously. This will solve many common problems. This dual action tool can control actuation of the latch so that it can be done consistently and repeat ably by the operator. This will eliminate operator variability and allow someone with minimum training to remove cables without damaging the cable or the card connector.

The design of the tool can use pull or squeeze action. A push button and lock version could also be used.

The figure shows an example of a pull design. The operator pulls points A and B apart. This causes C to actuate the latches. At the same time, D and E will clamp on the connector housing. The operator can then pull the cable out of the machine.


A squeeze version might be preferred since the operator could more easily actuate the tool with only one hand. Springs can be incorporated into the design to control pressure on connector housing to prevent any cosmetic damage.

Top View

Side View

Front View

Pull Ver...