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On the spot automatic product enhancement request submission method/framework Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198704D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-12
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This method allows user to submit product enhancement/requirements request while they are using the product via an automated enahcement request system with data like product information, application information and OS information that is captured automatically on the spo.t

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On the spot automatic product enhancement request submission method /framework

Disclosed is an automatic product enhancement request submission framework. The disclosed framework typically enables more intelligent automatic process/mechanism for users to create enhancement requests. The disclosed framework typically may be made available with any

product shipped.

When a user is using a product for design and development, and when limitations on the functionality are encountered there are typically only a few channels available to report and request for enhancements. The user may be required to use another support team to open request for enhancements. For some products, there may be an enhancement forum to submit requests. A user may be asked to contact the product company by phone or email or surveys and submit a request. A user may also decide to do nothing, not use the product/tool at all, or simply find other solutions.

The process of going through support services to request an enhancement can be very time consuming. Using a forum or calling to submit a request requires extra effort and the operations occur after the fact. As a result a user may forget about enhancements needed too much time has

passed since the event that prompted the idea.

For example using Figure 1, in an existing product icons are placed on each wizard page and wizard (for example, in the top right hand corner of the page). The icons serve as graphic identification. The usefulness of the icons can be enhanced with a common functionality that can serve as automatic enhancement notifications buttons.


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Figure 1

Most products currently are equipped with an automatic problem report generation mechanism. For example, when using a browser and the browser crashes, the product hangs or there is a deadlock or an exception occurs, a dump of program information is captured and a report is generated. The problem reporting process typically prompts a user to send a report of the

roblem to the product vendo


When a product implements an automatic product enhancement request submission framework and the user identifies missing functionality, the user can report the missing functionality immediately. The user does not have to record or remember the information and then report via another enhancement submission process. When the process is automatic, such as in the case of the disclosed framework, the user is more likely to submit the enhancement request.




. However, there are no automatic requests for enhancement

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The information collected using the disclosed framework can be very useful to development.

Using an implementation of the disclosed framework a developer will be made aware that a


 articular tool/component is being used and possible improvements are required. Of course, not every request will result in an enhancement since the request may be too specific to a user and...