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Temporal Interrogation of Aggregated Calendar Information, Based on Social, Directory and Collaborative Navigation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198787D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-16
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Provide the ability to search or navigate on the intersection of calendar content across our social networks, directory structures or people we collaborate with.

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Temporal Interrogation of Aggregated Calendar Information , Based on Social, Directory and Collaborative Navigation

This invention provides the solution to the challenge of knowing when in time a group of people may be connecting. This can be based on an individual's name identification or other criteria for linking a set of people (including social networks, common content or subjects, team efforts, etc.). Searching on individual's free-time is not only valuable information to know, but also when select people do intersect and are meeting together. Provided in the format of an extension to current user interfaces, a user can interrogate on the temporal aspects of the intersection of people meeting. The content base searched represents an aggregation of a set of calendar entries belonging to a specified set of people.

When this set of criteria is identified, resulting in identification of a set of individuals, would now be regarded as a navigational unit through the calendar system. Providing for the ability to query on past events, presently scheduled events and/or upcoming events with this set of identified criteria through the navigational unit.

A visual interface would need to be provided as part of the decision making here, as one when reviewing events scheduled, would need to understand not only review individuals plans or availability as an individual, but also as part of this navigational unit.

Although given as a reference point to scan through a calenda...