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3in1-stand Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198800D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-17
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ID 670393


    To be able to create very thin TV's, some space-consuming hardware functions can be extracted out of the TV-enclosure. Up till now this had to be enclosed in an extra box that must be stored separately from the TV. However, some of these functions, such as sound, need proximity to the TV in table-standing position as well as wall-mounted position. Therefore, those functions can be integrated in the 2in1-stand (wall-mountable stand) becoming a 3in1-stand : table-stand + wall-mount + extra function (e.g. speakers).

    Known products that integrate extra function (such as sound) into the table-stand have the disadvantage that you lose this function when you wallmount the TV. The 3in1-stand solves this problem by integrating the function into the 2in1-stand (a device that can easily be switched from table-stand to wall-mount).

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Wall‐mounted‐ position

Table‐standing‐ position 



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