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Method for Multi-Threaded Background Disk Initialization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198959D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-18
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A method for multi-threaded background disk initialization is disclosed. The method introduces strides in order to perform the background disk initialization.

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Method for Multi-Threaded Background Disk Initialization

Disclosed is a method for parallelized multi-threaded background disk initialization in order to initialize or format storage containers quickly. To facilitate multi-threaded background disk initialization, the method discloses the concept of strides. Strides correspond to storage chunks that may be represented using bits in a metadata bitmap. Further, in a hardened metadata bitmap each bit represents one or more strides. Parallel threads initialize assigned strides.

The method involves selecting a "Best" storage device or collection of devices based on least amount of I/O activity in order to perform background initialization work. The initialization work is focused towards grouping neighboring strides together to reduce arm movement. For instance, consider "n" parallel threads that are dispatched to work on strides. Each thread is responsible for its own sets and skips those sets that are handled by the other threads.

For example, if four threads are working on sets of 8 strides, thread 1 is responsible for strides represented by metadata bits 0-7, 32-39, 64-71 and so on. In the same manner, thread 2 is responsible for strides represented by metadata bits 8-15, 40-47, 72-79 and so on.