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Dynamic Resource Controlling System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198961D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-19
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The invention relates to an interactive resource booking and organizing system comprising a central processor for scheduling, and making arrangement between meeting host, attendee and resources. It allows meeting chairperson to make advanced meeting reservation using flexible date/time range instead of exact meeting time. The central processor will maintain the requests pool and finalize the meeting resource booking at the best timing (which is calculated by taking the real time availability of resource and attendees into considerations).

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Dynamic Resource Controlling System

1. Background: In daily work life, a person has meetings for discussion, progress checking, decision making and etc. One of the biggest challenges is how to find a suitable meeting room for all attendees. For example, a meeting host needs to schedule three meetings today and the attendees of each meeting time and venues are different.

    When a meeting host wants to arrange the meeting, will need to find the best time slot for each meeting, and find out the available meeting room for that time slot. If some attendees can not make it due to time conflict, the meeting host needs to reschedule the meeting, or even skip some of the attendees. It is not easy determine when is the best time and place for a meeting to fit in every attendee's schedule. On the other hand, the utilization of the resource becomes less efficient when people fail to show up after make reservation. Furthermore, the existing solution is not flexible enough to handle urgent meeting request when resource is fully booked. Another weakness is when the resource is booked but the meeting is cancelled, it is common that the meeting host forgets to cancel the resource booking which makes the resource booked but no one can use it.

    There are some existing solutions to resolve part of the problems mentioned above. For example, Calendar application like Lotus Notes. When a meeting host wants to schedule a meeting, and try to use tools such as aggregated calendar to check every attendee's availability. When a time is set, and then starts to find a meeting room. There are some tools which integrates attendees and meeting room availability. However this solution is not flexible when someone has another important meeting comes in that scheduled at the same time slot. It is also not easy when the meeting needed to be rescheduled since the meeting host needs to do all the checking work again.
2. Summary of Invention:

    The first object of the invention is to propose a Dynamic Resource Controlling System (here on called DRCS) which allows a central processor to schedule meeting time according to a plurality of attendee's availability and meeting due time is proposed.

    The second object of the invention is to improve meeting and resource flexibility:
(1) The proposed system maintains a request pool and finalizes the meeting resource booking at the best timing (which is calculated by taking the real time availability of resource and attendees into considerations).
(2) Allow chairperson to give date/time criteria of the meeting instead of actual time.
(3) Allocates resource such as projector and tel-conference facility at real-time depends on meeting type.
(4) Adjust meeting time according to the change of attendee availability.

One more objective of the invention is the proposed DRCS is able to

accommodate follow functions:
(1) Normal Sequencing: When registered meetings are less then meeting numbers at a particular time slot, it means the system can accommod...