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Method and System to Enhance Business Rule System with Logic Rule Engine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198967D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-19
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Business Rule Management System is very critical to IT systems in an on-demand business environment. It helps externalize and centralize business logic which is currently hard coded in siloed system. Which will greatly enhance business agility by enable business people to update and re-use decision logic according to business change. But BRMS always leverage production system to present business logic as production rules. The expressiveness limitation of production can not express complex business concepts such as indirect relationship. As-is solution to this drawbacks is to use imperative programming language (such as Java and C) to model this kind of business concepts, but this method is quietly controvosery to the purpose of BRMS and greatly holds back its business value.

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Method and System to Enhance Business Rule System with Logic Rule Engine

BRMS is critical to on-demand business system,it leverages produuction rule and engine as underlying implementation
to efficiently evaluate and trigger a lot of rules by RETE algorism,
but it's expressiveness is very limited in its condition part,

which contains only relation expression of

for example, "book.price>100". the action Part is mainly used to update property.

But in real business systems, a lot of business logic relies on features more complex than production rule,
for example: recursion,

which can be effectively defined by logic rules.

so this disclosure intents to enhance BRMS with logic rules/engine.Specifically,
it includes an approach and system to let production engine correctly re-evaluate hybrid rules by update of logic facts,
in which production engine uses a bottom-up evaluation method and logic engine uses a top-down evaluation method .

In our approach,

we propose a

                    two phase evaluation and execution system for hybrid rules, the following is the architecture of the system which implements our method

Hybrid Rule Base

Hybrid rule rewriter

Logic Dependency Action Monitor

Production Rule: actions Logic Rule: biz concepts

Data model mapping

Base predicates
OO model mapping

Logic memory monitor

Assert fact Retract fact

Reasoning mediator

LogicTest : Boolean LogicQuery: Collect

Production Memory

Logic Memory

Production Rule Engine

Update Memory

Logic Rule Engine

The system uses following process to perform the rule rewriting and evaluation work:


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Input hybrid rules


Model mapping

Hybrid rule rewriting, insert dummy object

Logic test/query

Update logic memory



1.The hybrid rule base is a set of business rules,

which contains both production rule and logic rules.

in a hybrid rule, the main syntax still follows production rule syntax.

with a set of logic rule evaluation function will be incorporated into the condition part of the