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Novel method of storing, separating and transporting Electronic Modules using plastic bags in shoe boxes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198972D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-19
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Instead of using the conventional method of transporting and storing electronic modules, an alternative method of storing, separating and transporting electronic modules using plastic bags enables the saving of freight and space which could be used to make things more efficient.

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Novel method of storing, separating and transporting Electronic Modules using plastic bags in shoe boxes

The Invention solves the problems of storage, separation and identification, wastage in terms of extra transportation, extra weight, use of packing trays, use of packing foam, use of ESD bags and extra inner or shoe boxes for the transporting of electronic modules. Currently, solutions are to ship electronic modules on module trays, sealed with an ESD bag into a inner or shoe box which can amount to a lot of wastage.

Different product modules can be separated and stored and be put into plastic 'ziplock' bags. These plastic bags are then put inside a inner or shoe box and shipped. The advantage of using this method are: Less packing materials are used and much more products can be put inside the inner or shoe box. This directly leads to savings in freight, use of packing materials costs and storage costs.

Example of the old way of transporting & storage of electronic modules.

Example of how electronic modules are put on trays


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Another Tray is Stacked on top of the bottom tray with the modules in it. It is then put inside an ESD bag (above) or a vacuum sealed ESD bag (next picture).

Items in an inner or shoe box-Sealed vacuumed ESD bag (with Trays and modules in it) and foam.


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View of how Vacuumed bag, Foam is fitted into sh...