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Time optimized log trimming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198985D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-19
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Disclosed is a log file management method that allows systems to maintain log files for the longest period of time possible while staying within data storage capacity. The invention includes both a tracking and a trimming mechanism that work together to keep multiple log files within space constraints while maintaining congruent time frames.

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Time optimized log trimming

Software systems require logging in order to debug problems that occur in the field. Computer hardware is limited, so systems that log are often constrained by the storage space available for their logs. Thus, the system must keep logs to a manageable size during operation. This is typically done by a single log trimming algorithm.

In simple log trimming, when a file gets above a space threshold, the application will delete some amount of the oldest data in a file to keep the file under a given quota. Trimming allows the logs to stay within desired space quota, but may result in the loss of important log information in the event of an error.

The present need is, when there are multiple logs being kept, to maintain the longest time window possible for all of the logs while staying under the space constraints.

This invention consists of a method by which a set of multiple logs are managed in such a way as to adhere to a total space constraint while trying to maintain the longest time window across all of the logs. This log file management method includes a tracking mechanism, which records the set of log entries in each file that were done within a given segment of time, and a trimming mechanism, which uses this information to trim log entries from the set of files such that the logs meet the given total space constraint but all span the same block of time.

A preferred implementation involves a system in which a set of multiple log files are all being written to at different rates. Each log file contains information vital to the debug process should...