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Method and Process for sending an email to a group excluding one member Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199051D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-24
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When emailing a mailing list you may wish to ignore one of the names. This is idea adds additional rules applied ot the address fields to modify the list on the fly.

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Method and Process for sending an email to a group excluding one member

When a user has to contact a large group of people from the same location they often have a dedicated email list or group. E,g, an important notice has been announced and it has to be sent to an entire department.

    However if the user needs to send an email to entire group but one it is a lot more tricky. Currently the user has to add everyone manually to the email.

    The core idea behind this invention is to allow the user to enter a list of people to be ignored from mailing list for a one off email.

    By adding a minus sign before the email address you wish to be ignored after the group would allow the server to interpret that the user should not be receiving the email.
if you were emailing the group SoftwareDEVGroup1 but didnt not want to email Bob or Fred but also email George then it would work like below.
example EMAIL
To:: SoftwareDEVGroup1,,,
Subject: Surprise Bday
We are throwing Bob and Fred a surprise birthday next Tuesday in the pub down the road. Get there before 7 they are arriving at 7:30. Don't worry about cash George is paying.


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