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File Expiration Date User Interface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199071D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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This article discribes a method and GUI to implement file expiration dates in the Save As dialog box.

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File Expiration Date User Interface

Many users have an excessive number of desktop clutter accumulated from file downloads, To Do text files, email attachments, etc. Desktop clutter from unnecessary files becomes

problematic because users tend to have their program icons on their desktops. Having numerous

unwanted files can make it difficult to navigate the desktop. This invention addresses the issue of desktop clutter by providing users a simple way of denoting temporary files during the "Save"

process in order to automatically monitor and clean up the desktop.

This Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows 3 things:

1) If you are done with the file and no longer need it, you can remove it.
2) If you still need it or would like to archive it, you can copy or move it to another location
3) If you are not done with the file, you can remove or extend its expiration date.

Currently, Desktop Cleanup is a similar product, which simply removes temporary internet files and other rarely used files. It does not allow the user to set custom dates and it doesn't prompt the user for action once the date arrives /


Another current approach to clearing desktop clutter is to stack files on your desktop and only expand it when you need to (this feature is available only on newer operating systems). While the ability to stack files and have multiple desktops might remove the spatial clutter of seeing the files, it does not address the issues related to performance loss by still having the files on your desktop.

This invention will add a small area to a Save File dialog allowing users to set file expiration dates whenever they save a file. Once the date has arrived, the user will be provided with a dialog which provides the user with a variety of options. These may include the option to delete the file, extend or remove the expiration date, and to move the file to an archive location. By default, the period of time a file will have to expire will be set to 30 days. However, if a user choos...