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OpenAdmin Tool Dashboard Schema Browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199073D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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This invention describes a method for designing user interface (UI) mechanisms implementing shallow tree level views based on how users conceptually group information along with graphically represented high level objects in order to facilitate a structure where users can more quickly and easily access the information they need. The UI includes the use of easily-navigated dashboard views of databases and tables and summary views in pods.

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OpenAdmin Tool Dashboard Schema Browser

Current user interface (UI) mechanisms used to display data server objects such as databases, tables, and database objects rely heavily on the use of tree views. While tree views provide a good means of organizing objects by maintaining parent-child relationships, their hierarchical nature with multiple levels of containment and requirement to drill down through multiple levels to find objects quickly obscures the greater view of data objects in data servers. If a user is browsing for specific information, as implemented in UIs found today, they need to constantly drill down through multiple levels and then go back up and drill down again in order to find the objects for which they are looking. A mechanism is needed to provide a big-picture dashboard view with shallow drill down features to improve the ability to quickly find and access objects, thus resulting in a simpler, more efficient browsing experience.

The solution to removing the complexity of a multiple level tree drill down and provide a faster browsing capability is a shallow level tree view. Such a view provides navigation to very high level objects that are organized and displayed as dashboards arranged according to how users conceptually group information within higher level data objects. Graphically presenting high level objects such as databases and tables provides the capability to quickly browse a server.

Advantages and uniqueness of this design over existing implementations:
Provides an alternative scalable mechanism for organizing schemas in data servers over existing

Provides mechanisms for simpler and shallower navigation, requiring less...