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Editing Images in Instant Messaging System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199077D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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This invention provides an option to modify an image shared during an instant messaging session and propagate the modified image or only the metadata to all participants.

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Editing Images in Instant Messaging System

Users participating in an instant message discussion often share images. If any user wishes to alter the image during the discussion (e.g., edit a screen capture), then user must leave the instant message view, go to the application from which the image came, alter the content, recapture the image, return to instant messaging, and share the new version of the image. This is an inefficient method and may hinder discussions.

Known solutions relative to this issue use a different tool that provides a whiteboard for collaborative manipulation of images. The invention presented here does not need a full scale whiteboard, but utilizes the existing working behavior of an instant messaging application and adds image editing capabilities.

The solution is to add image editing capabilities to existing instant messaging applications by creating a new layer on the first version of the image (being shared during the session). With that layer, the user has the ability to impose mark-ups such as boxes, lines, or new text, onto the image. The send function transfers only metadata, representing the added top layer, using the existing communication channel; this leaves the communication protocol unchanged. When the user sends their response to others in the session, it includes the updated image with the mark-ups. The recipients see the source object with the metadata applied.

Users also have the option to selectively send text/image/attac...