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Selectively refreshing IM buddy list Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199091D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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Disclosed is a method for selectively refreshing IM buddy lists

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Selectively refreshing IM buddy list

In various instant messenger (IM) software products, the "buddy list" (contacts) gets refreshed frequently (at a specified interval) to get the latest status of the buddies to the user. However, when the user has many folks on the buddy list, refreshing the buddy list status can be a

performance issue for both the client side and server side.

We propose the following idea -

1. Don't refresh the buddy status if the user has had very little communication with the buddy lately.

2. If the user has not had any chat communication with the buddy in the past X days or even months (user configurable, the conditions could be based on a myriad of variables), the buddy will be moved automatically to the unrefreshed buddy group(s) as a subgroup of its existing group. The user can get the buddy's status by clicking on the buddy when needed, which will trigger the buddy to be moved out of the unrefreshed group for a few days.

3. When a user opens (or receives) a chat window with any buddy in the unrefreshed group, the buddy's status will be refreshed and the buddy will be moved out of the unrefreshed buddy group.

4. If the user has a very short buddy list, the client can refresh everyone all the time. However, when the buddy list exceeds a certain number, the system can start to implement this selectively refreshing of the buddy list.

The ideas proposed help the user to have various buddies on the buddy list while not impacting the performan...