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Method and systems for automatically verifying email distribution lists Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199092D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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Disclosed is a system for verifying the appropriateness of addresses before email is sent by applying the known automated document classification to create classes associated with groups of recipients based on historical usage of the mail system.

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Method and systems for automatically verifying email distribution lists

The system described in this article avoids the miss-classification errors of the prior systems and adapts dynamically to the changing landscape of an enterprise.

Email has become the most widely used medium of communication within the business and government communities. It allows users to communicate with vast numbers of people over great distances within minutes. However, there is a downside to the ease of use. Sensitive information can be broadcast with little effort and sometimes by mistake. When sending and using email to communicate with others, users sometimes fail to ensure that the addresses or distribution lists are appropriate for the mail they are sending. The occurrence of emails containing sensitive information i.e. mergers, acquisitions, bonuses, etc. information often are being sent to a wrong address or to an entire distribution/mailing list of people by mistake. What is needed is a means of helping the sender identify miss-addressed mail before it is sent.

Known are systems which force the sender to manually apply a security classification to the mail message at the time of sending so that a mail gateway can stop distribution to inappropriate destinations. Unfortunately, these systems require the sender to properly classify the mail and hence are subject to the same inadvertent user mistakes. They also require a manual configuration of policies for various classes of addresses and hence are subject to errors when applied in a dynamic business environment.

Automated document classification has been applied to email gateways and to the incoming mail box of email clients in the form of SPAM filters. Additionally, although less common, these filters are used at mail gateways to ensure that employees comply with employer policies.

The system for verifying the appro...