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BCC (blind carbon copy) automatic inclusion and history Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199095D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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Disclosed is a method for BCC (blind carbon copy) automatic inclusion and history.

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BCC (blind carbon copy) automatic inclusion and history

People commonly add people to the BCC recipients list when emailing or sending meeting invitations, to allow some recipients to not be known to the others in the public sections (TO and CC, commonly). However, when a recipient replies to all or a subset of the original recipients, the BCCed individuals do not receive the reply. As a workaround, today the original sender, if he wants the BCCed people to see the reply, must forward the reply to them.

Further, when the original recipient receives the reply, if it is a reply-with-history with the original recipient's original message at the bottom, that original message in the reply shows just on the TO and CC fields, not the BCC one. For the original recipient to recall who was originally BCCed the original recipient must find the original email in the original recipient's Sent folder (for instance) and look there to recall the BCC list.

Proposed is the ability for the sender of an email or meeting invitation, to select a setting that causes the email system to automatically BCC the originally BCCed people, when a recipient replies to the sender (whether the reply goes to the sender alone or the sender and one or more others). Further, this capability could be further refined and granular to allow that setting designation to be on a person-by-

person basis.

Additionally, whether the sender sets the proposed flag above, the system will include a history of the B...