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Course Development Tracking Database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199099D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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Disclosed is a method and system that uses a database to track, measure, and report key project data, including financial performance data, for project management purposes.

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Course Development Tracking Database

The project management tracking database uses a collaborative application database as the underlying architecture. The database is used to calculate and track the cost of projects through integration with a labor claiming system. The database incorporates business and financial data, along with project workflows for managing project activities. Business activities, including financial aspects, are tracked from inception to completion. It supports planning processes,

project development, resources (utilization), measurement and reporting. The project

management tracking database provides the end user with the key project data required to drive business decisions, including resource allocation.

Project team members and other technical resources enter hours in a labor claiming system on a weekly basis, claiming their time to a unique project claim code. Labor claim data and utilization data for an employee are used to lookup the employee rate and number of hours reported, yielding the sum cost. The sum cost is imported into the project management tracking

production database.

The benefit of this project management tracking database is that it is integrated with the labor claiming system to automate the calculation and tracking of project costs and resource usage. The system has the advantage of being accessible to users running on the underlying collaborative application architecture. Key project data is now readily available, enabling ad hoc analysis and simplifying reporting. The reported metrics help determine program management

priorities, including where resourc...