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Name Sorting in Mail Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199100D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-25
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A system for sorting received and sent mail by first or last name.

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Name Sorting in Mail

In a user's mail file, there is a column in each folder/view where a name is displayed. Depending on the folder/view, the name could be that of the message sender (e.g., Inbox) or the recipient (e.g., Sent), or a mixture of the two (e.g., Trash). Different users will have different preferences regarding the way in which the name is displayed in the folder/view. Some prefer First Last display. Others prefer Last, First. International users may prefer Last First (no comma) This disclosure represents the parsing algorithm used by the Notes Mail template to display the mail names based on a user preference.

Drawback: Some mail that a user receives may have a nonstandard sender name, such as email from a company/group. For instance, the name may look like this, in the First Name Last Name format: "Acme Latex Distributors". But in the Last Name First Name format, it would display like this: "Distributors, Acme Latex". **

This disclosure describes how any name in a user's mail file can be displayed in the sort order

preference set by mail file owner. Due to possible last names with multiple components, we

must provide a way for a user to store these components and take them into consideration in the

parsing algorithm.

additional input from the user.

In this description, different name entries will be parsed using specific "rules" that have been set up. Once parsed, the name can be displayed in various ways in the mail folders/views, based on user preference.


Parsing code is not case sensitive

Each word in the name will be referred to as a "component" Assume a space is the separator between components of a name



Two preferences will be available to the user:

1. Choose one of the three name sorting options:

First Last
Last, First
Last First

2. Enter a prefix into the text box

A "last name prefix" helps the parsing code sort multi-component last names. The user enters the last name prefixes such as "St." for St. Clair, or "Van Den" for Van Den Berg.


No parsing algorithm will work for every possible sender name without

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Parsing code

The parsing code lives in the name column of each individual Mail folder/view. When the user opens a particular folder/view, the parsing code runs through specific stages as follows:

Determine the name which will be displayed in the folder/view column (sender or recipient)

Convert the name into a text list so we can examine each part of the entry. Henceforth, each


piece of the name will be referred to as a "component".

Parse the last component and compare it (non-case-sensitive comparison) with known


suffixes in the English (or any) language. These are the common suffixes which will be used for this patent: "i" : "ii" :"iii" : "

jr." : "sr." : "esq."

If the name has a suffix, temporarily remove the suffix in the code, so we are using only the



"true name".

Compare the true name with the "last name prefixes" supplied by the user, and d...