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Publication Date: 2010-Aug-26
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In some cases apparatus for wellsite surface equipment is described, where the apparatus includes a wall comprising an inner diameter, an outer diameter, and at least one wear indicator disposed between the inner diameter and outer diameter for determining when a predetermined amount of wear has occurred. The wear indicator may be formed of a chemical coating disposed between the inner diameter and outer diameter. The inner diameter may be in communication with a fluid, and the chemical coating reacts with the fluid when in contact with the fluid. The chemical reaction may cause a detectable change on the outer diameter of the wall. The wear indicator may determine a predetermined amount of wear on the inner diameter. The wall may be formed of wellsite treating iron.

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SELF INDICATING EQUIPMENT - Treating equipment used in well services and wellsite surface equipment may have a high potential of failure. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of a failure, the wellsite surface equipment industry has adapted different inspection processes and procedures. One component of the inspection is an ultrasonic thickness check of the wall on each piece of treating equipment. Such ultrasonic thickness checks may be a difficult process and may give some readings that may cause improper interpretation due to the difficulty to measure entire area. It remains desirable to provide improvements in wellsite surface equipment in efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and maintainability. The use of self indicating treating iron is disclosed in the following.

Treating iron may comprise piping and/or plumbing fixtures utilized in a wellsite surface equipment assembly for, in a non-limiting example, routing fluid from a pump or pump assembly to a wellbore for performing at least one well servicing operation. The well servicing operation may comprise, but is not limited to, a cementing operation, a hydraulic fracturing operation, or similar well servicing operation, as will be appreciated by those skilled in the art.

Treating iron typically has a manufacture's recommended minimum wall thickness. During the inspection process detailed hereinabvoe, a small sample of ultrasonic thickness measurements are taken. The self indicating treating equipment, best seen in Fig. 1, may comprise a chemical coating or other suitable indicator embedded in the manufacturing process at the prescribed minimum wall thickness. When the chemical coating or other indicator is exposed to the fluid inside the treating equipment, a reaction takes place that causes a suitable visible indication to the operator of t...