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System and Method for Automatic Personal Face Image Modification to Express Emotions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199139D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-26
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Disclosed is an invention applied to current social, collaboration, or messaging software that allows automatic modification of a user's template face photograph to express different emotions. The method incorporates signal processing algorithms to modify a template photograph.

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System and Method for Automatic Personal Face Image Modification to Express


Any social, collaboration, or instant messaging (IM) software provides the service of

customization through uploading a personal photo. The user needs to provide only one

version of their photograph (e.g., a picture of their face). Based on that version, other

images can automatically be generated to express the user's different emotions and

mental or psychological states. That could be serious, funny, or a code to say

something to others who would understand it.

The following capabilities currently exist:
• User photo emotions (1); but the user has to manually create and update their

own emoticons
• Personal emoticons (2)
• Face generating and manual face modification software (3); but the user must

manually edit their photograph
• Profiles; but the user usually needs to upload manually modified photos A helpful service would automatically:
1. Modify the user face photo template to express emotions and moods
2. Design emoticons from such modified photos

A typical situation occurs in any social, collaboration, or messaging software product

where there are pages on which the user's profile photo appears. It could be a

conversation with others or only the user's pages where user would like to express

current emotions. It can be a dynamic response in conversation by emoticon or static

photo. Either way, the idea is to automatically modify a user's template face photo to

express different emotions: smile, open or closed eyes, being sleep, etc. Additionally, a user has the option to add or change elements such as hats, glasses,

hair styles, skin color, aging, stylizing as characters from books, films, fairy tells, etc...

Also, the user might change a photo background to inform others about the mood or


The idea is to use digital signal processing algorithms to modify a template photograph

and produce ready-to use-emotional photos: personal emoticons. Once they are

prepared, the collection of personal emoticons can be constantly and automatically

updated if the service is enabled and accepted by the user. It is possible to use them to

express emotions, statically on the pages with the user's photo or dynamically within a


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The elements of implementation are as follows:
1. The user uploads a personal photo to the profile of any social, collaboration, or

messaging software and enables the service that modifies their photo to express

2. The user selects from a system-generated list of choices which emotional face

expression is interested in and sends the request to the server.
3. The service modifies user's photo and saves it to the collection of modified

pictures on the client side.
4. The u...