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Spoiler with Circulation Filter for reduction of contamination Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199145D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-27
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This invention, that is spoiler includes filter, can reduce contaminations in HDD. Besides, devising shape of filter holding section, it can reduce contaminations without harming positioning accuracy.

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Spoiler with Circulation Filter for reduction of contamination

1. Contaminations

Installing 2nd Filter upstream Spoiler (as shown Fig.1), it can reduce contamintation. Particle Clean Up time 21% Up, and contamination on disks with 2nd filter is 42% lower than without 2nd filter.


2.Positioning accuracy

For reduce contamination in HDD, it needs hole near 2nd Filter.

But, if any holes on shroud, positining accuracy gets worse.

So, we add slit.
'Bridges' (orange point) is as same height as disks, so degradation of positioning accuracy is small.

And, holes make air go to filter to trap contaminations.


2nd Filter position

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Disclosed by Hitachi Corporation


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