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Physical environment adaptive advertisement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199289D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-30
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A system and methodology for physical environment adaptive advertisement dispatch. This system makes the advertisement dispatching self-adapt to the various environment data, for example, advertisement visitors,season,weather, temperature. So that advertisement resource has better availability for the advertiser. The system is built on a individual advertisement devise with the environment sensing, and environment analyzer will analyze the sensing data, then advertisement dispatcher will decide which advertisement will be dispatched based on the environment analyze result and predefined advertisement attribute.

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Physical environment adaptive advertisement

1 Background

Nowadays, companies spend more and more in advertising and correspondingly expect more and more from their investment ,

which means the effectiveness of the advertising system becomes more and more important

                         . The known solution for this problem is to display the advertisement with the interactive terminal in response to the external inputs, e.g. time of day,

with the characteristics of the audience

the real environment adaptive advertising system displays the advertisement of Jewelry and cosmetics,

to attract these audience.

The physical environment adaptive advertisement system has the following advantages:
- Improving the effectiveness of advertisement and the return on advertisement investment greatly ;
- Saving the cost of manually ranking the advertisement in the advertising system ;
- Providing the real environment attribute feedbacks of advertising systems to the advertising companies and the product companies.

3 Description

, i.e. the advertisement should adapt

                                                         . But it subjects to the advertising scenarios stored and the interactions of the audiences and the advertising system. The physical environment adaptive advertisement proposed in this invention will resolve this problem and display the adaptive advertisement without the proactive interaction.

2 Summary of invention

This invention proposes a physical environment adaptive method for the advertisement dispatch . The main difference of physical environment adaptive approach from the traditional approach is that it can leverage the real time physical environment data to decide the advertisement content to dispatch. The real time physical environment data is generated by the sensing data captured around the terminal of advertising system. For example,

weather conditions and so on

when a crowd of women walk before the interface of advertising system


which would be expected


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The Figure describe the overall system architecture. The physical environment adaptive advertisement system is built based on an individual advertisement devise, this devise including the following components:

Advertisement predefinition

Advertisement predefinition means to initialize the advertisement contents and predefine some attributes for each advertisement

These attributes can be acquired from advertisers, or be generated by selecting the target customer.
2. Real time environment identification

Real time environment identification is the key module of the system, this component takes charge of identifying the environment, identified environment data will be generated from by identification sensor. The component could have many sensors to capture different kind of environment data.
3. Environment analyzer

Environment analyzer takes charge of storing and analyzing the real-time environment data along with the environment history data, this component will generate environment attributes based on environment data from Real time en...