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Intelligent Subscription Agent for Web Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199319D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-30
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Disclosed is a system and method for creating a knowledge-based Subscription Agent web service that provides a novel subscription messaging model in topic-based publish/subscribe messaging systems on a Web services platform. In publish/subscribe messaging system, if consumer sends a subscription request for a topic and the Subscription Agent is not able to find that topic in its list of supported topics, then the Subscription Agent simply throws an exception to the consumer which might act as a show-stopper for the consumer web service. In order to remedy this situation, a knowledge based Subscription Agent web service is proposed that would perform the following operations : i. Persist the topics on which it has received messages from plurality of producer web services, ii. On receiving a subscription request, search its list of supported topics for the requested topic. If the requested topic is not found, then search ,(may be using string-matching algorithms), for topic similar to the requested topic and if need be, suggest the same to the consumer. iii. Keep record of unsatisfied subscription requests and try to satisfy such subscription requests in future. iv. Analyze topics subscribed to by plurality of consumers to find 'topic subscription patterns', v. Discover other web services acting as subscription managers within or outside the application framework and, if need be, suggest the same to the consumer.

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Intelligent Subscription Agent for Web Services

In a usual scenario, a web service responsible for maintaining/handling subscriptions, which we hereafter call Subscription Agent, receives messages on various topics from plurality of


mechanism. It also maintains a record of distinct topics on which it has received messages. When a consumer sends subscription request message to the Subscription Agent in order to subscribe to a particular topic, following two scenarios are possible:

1. Subscription Agent has not received any message on the requested topic and hence requested topic does not appear in Subscription Agent's list of supported topics. In this case, the proposed system proposes to incorporate intelligent behaviour in Subscription Agent so that it responds in the following manner:

i. Subscription Agent searches (using a String/Pattern matching algorithm, eg. Longest-Common-Subsequence algorithm, Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm) its list of supported topics to find a topic which is semantically/syntactically similar to the requested topic. For example, if the requested topic is 'http: //', then following topics can be considered similar:,

The policy related to identifying the similar topics, if need be, can be configured in a configuration file of the Subscription Agent. For example, the Subscription Agent might specify that if two strings are identical from start index to last index of '/' then it would consider them as similar.

ii. After identifying the similar topics from its list of supported topics, the Subscription Agent sends a response message to the consumer:

a. informing that it does not support the requested topic but it supports other topic(s) which is/are very similar to the requested topic,

b. stating the suggested/similar topics' name/description and

c. asking/enquiring if the consumer would be interested in subscribing to one or more of the similar topics found.

iii. If the consumer expresses his interest in the topic(s), intelligently suggested by the Subscription Agent, by sending new subscription request(s) for the suggested topic(s), then the Subscription Agent responds with a subscription response message confirming the subscription of the consumer for the suggested topic(s).

iv. If the consumer does not express interest in subscribing to the suggested topic(s), then it sends a message to the Subscription Agent stating its decision. In this case, the Subscription Agent gives consumer another option whereby it sends a message to the consumer enquiring if it should process consumer's subscription request for the topic in


producers. Subscription Agent stores these messages using a persistent/non-



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v. If the consumer responds with a message expressing its interest in this option then, the Subscription Agent records subscription request of the consumer using some persis...