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Getter as ignition aid Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199323D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-30
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Getter as ignition aid

Background and poroblems

Use of an active antenna is a known solution to overcome ignition delay in HID lamps. Active antenna means in this respect an antenna which is electrically connected to one of the power supply conductors inside the lamp. When placed very close to the burner body there is a risk on Na diffusing through the ceramic wall of the burner. The thus appearing Na losses result in shortening the life time of the lamp.

Small Ceramic HID lamps show ignition delay in practice.

The essential features of the improvement

Recent tests have shown that an active antenna also works if it is placed in the region of the seal of the lamp. A different positioning of the getter can overcome the above-identified problem of ignition delay without introducing the risk on Na loss. In known lamps the getter is placed at the upper side of the long lead wire. If however the getter is placed at the base side, close to the plug of the burner, it will also function as active antenna.

With the improved positioning of the getter it becomes also possible to lower the Kr85 dosage in the discharge burner of the lamp.

Applications of the invention

The improvement is applicable in all flat base sealed lamps as far as the getter at the base position survives production process

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