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Secure Financial News Distribution Method and System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199344D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-30
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Disclosed is a method to improve the levels of security and the fair and timely distribution of news over news hubs. The method incorporates the use of encrypted and/or decrypted data, the ability to set release times, and the removal of delivery lock-out among members of a distribution channel when one member fails to respond.

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Secure Financial News Distribution Method and System

Public companies release news on a regular basis to update every interested party on the status of their business. News items are released to news hubs, from where it is redistributed to end user web sites and trading platforms. In the current state, one or more of the company officers are authorized to release company news. Such news can either positively or negatively influence the price of the stock of the company. Ensuring that the released news is only issued by authorized company officers, is not tampered with, remains unchanged, and remains encrypted until it reaches the final destinations at the desired times is critical to the well-being of the company.

Business Wire®currently (June 25, 2010) stopped accepting news releases via emails due to the gap in their current news release process. Business Wire further has a method (1) of simultaneously releasing news to news publishers. However, that method only guarantees simultaneous release to news publishers, not to Business Wire itself for internal access. Business Wire's method also does not release the decryption key until all end-user publishing sites acknowledge receiving the encrypted news; if one fails to send a reply status message then all other end-user sites are locked out from receiving the decryption keys. In addition, the coexistence for the encryption/decryption keys and news with the news hub presents a security risk.

The disclosed method offers the following improvements over current methods:

• Company news is encrypted end-to-end from the time the company releases the news up until the time it reaches the end-use publishing sites.

• The encrypted data does not coexist with the encryption/decryption keys.

• News release time is controlled by the company that releases the news. The news author can add a release time for the specific news item.

• There are no lockouts for end-user publishing sites when one of the news publishing sites fails to respond.

The process for the disclosed news distribution method is:

1. One or more news authors in any company dev...