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Improving of CO2 recovery in a hydrogen and carbon dioxide production plant

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Publication Date: 2010-Aug-31
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Improving of CO2 recovery in a hydrogen and carbon dioxide production plant

Problem to be solved:

Plants producing Hydrogen/Carbon Monoxide emit carbon dioxide (CO2) by the combustion of fuels. The CO2 contained in the flue gas comes from the combustion of off-gases generated in the process and additional fuels like naphtha or natural gas.
Currently, the European directive establishes a community greenhouse gas Emission Trading Scheme, and the plants need to purchase allowances corresponding to their greenhouse gases emissions.

From 2013 H2/CO plants will be included in the ETS. Even if this directive concerns only the European countries where ETS will be applied an other issue has however appeared recently in all countries: the permit delivery may be submitted to the capacity of the plant in capturing CO2 emissions.

The development of a hydrogen production scheme with a CO2 capture with a high recovery becomes pressing.

Existing solutions:

There are a lot of possibilities to capture CO2: adsorption, absorption, cryogenic distillation... Currently, in order to improve the CO2 recovery, the capture solutions are optimized.

Proposed solution:

In this paper, the solution proposes to change the separation in order to obtain a hydrogen enriched stream with methane for burning.
àThe process hereafter is a process for a combined production of Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide from a synthesis gas obtained by the reforming of hydrocarbons and notably natural gas.

This process contains at least several of the steps of:
- hydrocarbons reforming in order to obtain a synthesis gas containing at least: carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane and steam,
- syn...