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Integrated Light Pipe Antenna for Photonic Antenna Reconfiguration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199384D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-31
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Disclosed is an integrated light pipe antenna for photonic antenna reconfiguration.

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The invention consists of integrating the photonic control of a reconfigurable antenna within the antenna structure itself. The antenna body becomes essentially a light pipe for control that is plated with conductive material on the outermost layer. This combination allows the inner light pipe layer in conjunction with a photo diode, PIN, or phototransistor to control the outside plated surface. The configuration forms a more compact and thus improved version of a reconfigurable photonic antenna. Photonic reconfiguration of an antenna array involves placing a conductive antenna element with a separate control structure to dynamically reconfigure the antenna array.

    Shown here is an antenna element about or on a shaped light pipe that is interspersed with either a PIN photodiode or a combination PV-PIN arrangement to affect dynamic antenna reconfiguration. The fiber optic control is essentially contained within the antenna element rather than outside the structure to control the configuration.

    Figures 1 and 2 show a three-section antenna with two photonic (PIN diode) switches. This effectively changes the antenna into three resonant electrical lengths. The novel portion of this structure is that of one (two) light pipes held together by a binder and then the outside plated to form a conductive surface. The sections are connected by the PIN diodes acting as photonic switches that reconfigure the antenna to optimize electrical lengths. The antenna need not be a strai...