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Taxi dispatch and notification system through peer-to-peer mobile application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199397D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-01
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Disclosed is a system that utilizes smart phone mobile applications with global positioning systems (GPS) or a geo-directory as a means of efficiently matching available taxi cabs with customers.

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Taxi dispatch and notification system through peer -to-peer mobile application

The rise of smart phone enabled mobile applications present an opportunity to change how taxi cabs service passengers, going beyond the traditional method of a taxi cab patrolling the streets and finding a hailing customer. This invention presents solutions to connect passengers to the nearby empty taxi cabs so not only are the wait times reduced for both the cab and the customer, but traffic congestion and gas consumption are also reduced.

The invention connects passengers and taxi drivers through their smart phone mobile applications connected via a network hosted geo-directory. Using their smart phone mobile application, a customer sends a taxi request to the geo-directory, and that directory notifies the closest taxi to respond to the request. In addition, the geo-directory directs empty taxis to city-designated parking areas to wait for passenger notification. Based on the time of the day, special events, and recent demand, the geo-directory can better pre-position a sufficient fleet of taxis to meet local demand. As demand patterns change throughout the day, the taxi waiting zones can move to minimize passenger wait time and empty taxi travel distance.

There are currently no known solutions to achieve the same level of responsiveness or empty taxi reduction.

The invention requires three elements:

1. A passenger-held mobile application that communicates with the geo-directory through the mobile application interface such as a clickable button on-screen that transmits the global positioning system (GPS) location of the phone. This can also include a time-out function for the passenger request if no empty taxi cabs can be located within reas...