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Intelligent Processing of Data Selected using cut-and-paste Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199493D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-06
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This disclosure describes a mechanism to determine the type of data selected and intelligently offer appropriate processing actions for that data.

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Intelligent Processing of Data Selected using cut -and-paste

The solution disclosed herein looks at data that has been selected - for example using "cut" and allows different options based on the contents of the selection.

    Previously, it may have been necessary, for example, to copy data and paste it into a spreadsheet in order to perform standard calculations to produce averages and totals.

    This is a two-step process and requires having a spreadsheet open - which is not a light-weight application.

    An alternative is to take these numbers and enter them into a calculator application.

All of these solutions involve taking the data and doing something with it.

    The solution disclosed herein looks at the data selected by the cut/copy process and based on the type of data offers different processing options.

    For example, if all of the data is numeric, it would offer simple arithmetic functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, SORT.

    If the data is determined to be a valid hexadecimal or binary number, it may offer the option to convert to a different base

    This system has the advantage that if you are selecting data to apply a simple piece of processing to it, you can do it locally rather than pasting it into a separate document and processing it there.

Documents contain text, pictures, numbers etc.

    The relevant information can be selected by left-clicking your mouse and highlighting the appropriate data.

    Right-click on your mouse brings up a list of actions. This solutio...