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Method for Programmatic Configuration of Time Management Parameters in a Blade Center Ecosystem Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199525D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-07
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Current state of the art for computer system time management is to use either system set time functions or setup the computer system to synchronize the systems time with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. This allows the system to constantly update its time to keep it in sync with a centralized system. However, in the IBM BladeCenter Chassis were there are multiple components that may be managed one of the issues with setting up the system time is the fact that each element of the ecosystem must be setup independently.

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Method for Programmatic Configuration of Time Management Parameters in a Blade Center Ecosystem

The AMM makes available to the switch module the following set of information:

• A primary IP address of an NTP server
• Time zone offset from GMT
• DST Information
• A synchronization update interval

NTP Key Authentication

This information will be provided by the AMM such that the switch module has access to this information and can use the information as required.

When a NTP configuration is provided the switch module will reject user based interfaces in regards to setting the time providing a response to the request that the time is being automatically managed by an NTP server. If the NTP configuration cannot be setup properly, or NTP synchronization cannot complete successfully, then the set time functions shall be allowed. The functions for reading the time shall provide the current localized time and provide information regarding the fact the the module is being automatically managed.

When the switch module is rebooted,

If no NTP configuration information is available, the switch module will operate using the last known configuration information. If NTP configuration information is available, then the information shall be passed back to the module and the module will update its local configuration information.

The switch module is able to handle shifts in the time without requiring that the controller reboot or go through a rebinding process. If the NTP server does not respond, then the controller time shall not be modified.

The time displayed to the user along with all timestamps used for log information shall be offset by the time zone and Daylight Savings Time (DST) offset provided in the NTP configuration information...