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Method for dynamically scaling media stream resolutions to clients' requirements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199543D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-08
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Just In Time Video Encoding

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Method for dynamically scaling media stream resolutions to clients ' requirements

A method is disclosed for processing and serving live video feeds, whereby the client specifies the properties of the target display area such as pixel dimensions, pixel aspect ratio and colour depth. The server then serves a video stream matching the client's request as closely as is practical.

    The server examines the request. If an existing client has already made the same request, the server streams the same output to both clients. Otherwise, if sufficient server resources are available, the server starts processing a new type of output stream matching the client's requirements, and sends it to the client. If resources are constrained, the server will find the existing output stream with the closest match to the client's request and begin sending that to the client. If only a few resources are available, the server may be able to meet the client's request by doing a second pass on an existing output stream that is similar to that request (e.g. converting from 32-bit to 16-bit colour space).

    By comparing a number of requested stream specifications, the server may determine that the most efficient way to generate the requested streams is to first create one common stream that approximately matches the pool of requests and then tweak it with a secondary pass for each requested specification. The server can continuously re-evaluate conditions between resource utilisation and QOS (qua...