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SONAS - Recall Improvement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199560D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-09
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Disclosed is a method for improving file recalls by restoring them to their original storage tier when they are recalled from external storage. The approach involves implementing standard rules or combinations of rules for handling data file recalls.

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SONAS - Recall Improvement

On a recall in a General Parallel File System (GPFS) based file system, a file is recalled from external storage back into the tier of storage from which it was originally transferred. In the case of tiered disk storage, this causes the file to be recalled into a lower performance level of storage.

For example if there is a "gold" high performance tier of storage and a "silver" lower performance tier of storage, then data is generally written to the "gold" tier of storage, then migrated (moved) to the "silver" tier of storage when it hasn't been accessed for a period of time. When space is required in the "silver" tier of storage, it is moved to external storage.

If the file is subsequently accessed, it will be recalled (retrieved from the external storage) and restored to the "silver" tier of storage, the tier it was in when it was transferred to the external storage.

This disclosure is to have a set of policies that allow either:

• Default handling of recalls: restore to storage tier from where it was sent to the external storage

• Enhanced handling of recalls: restore to a rule based tier of storage, either higher or lower performance

• High performance handling of recalls: put data in a temporary, high performance, resource pool

• A combination of the above options

Technically, in the current implementation of GPFS + Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), that might include a Data Management Appl...