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A System and Method for Enabling Services Dynamically by Building Resource Map on a Mobile platform Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199564D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-09
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The limited device space/real estate on the mobile devices poses a serious threat to the kind of services that can be rendered to the end-user through the device. As the resource requirements for services available in one evironment becomes non-available in another environment, there is an requirement for alternative mechanism to render these services. Thus adapting the existing services in a new environment enriches the services avaialble and also allows new services to be composed quickly. In this work we provide a mechanism by which the services can be quickly composed in a new environment by providing a resource map. The resource map not only provides direct mapping of resources to resources, but also capability to resources thereby allowing services to build on capabilities. A capability can be built using different resources available in an environment. Therefore services directly does not look on the resources for fulfiling the resources requirements but looks upon capabilities which can be serviced in an enviorment available. For instance a capability such as "viewing a mp4 video" can be rendered by a resource "mp4 video player" or by a combination of "mp4-to-avi convertor" and "avi player". Our method provides powerful mechanism to compose new services without relying on a specific set of resources and maintains dynamic alternatives available in the new environment to render the same service.

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A System and Method for Enabling Services Dynamically by Building Resource Map on a Mobile platform

    Real estate of the mobile devices are limited, thereby restricting the kind of services that can be utilized.As the device is becoming pervasive, it becomes imperative that new features and services are enabled and provide rich application set.

The problem is to dynamically utilize the services available over the network and utilize the services/applications available in the local device to enable new set of services in limited real estate of the mobile devices.

     This will enable new features/services in the mobile without increasing the demand for increasing the real estate.

There has been various work on the utilizing mobile capabilities, but to provide a methodology for building mobile services dynamically by utilizing the services is first of its kind

Step 1: Identify the list of available application/capability/service in the local device.

Step 2: For each available application enable a set of actions.

      Step 3: Devise a map that would associate alternatives to each of the local capabilities. For example, for a PDF file, associate a map of alternatives:
Rendered using a remote PDF viewing service
Converted to text using a remote service and local text editor can be utilized to render it Printed with the nearest network printer

      Step 4: First identify the set of actions based on the capability/application in the local set. Dynamically expand the set of a...