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Portable Raised Floor Cabling Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199600D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a system for a portable raised floor cabling device incorporating a mechanized guide wire system that attaches to the cables and runs them from point-to-point under a raised floor.

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Portable Raised Floor Cabling Device

When builders need to run cables under a floor, they encounter a number of problems:
1. Physical space required for a raised floor environment is larger than necessary

as humans are needed to run the cable
2. At least two people are needed to run cable under a floor
3. Floor obstructions inhibit the ease of running the cables

No known, relevant solutions to these problems exist.

The solution disclosed here is a portable device that attaches to the cables and runs

them from one point to another under a raised floor. This is operable by one person.

The portable device exists at each end of a desired run called a cable puller. Initially, a

guide wire on its own spool of at least twice the length of the run is threaded through the

floor and attached to each cable puller, one on each end. The source spool is at the

starting point of the cable puller. The cable puller can be a hand held crank or an

electric motor device. This guide wire can be run in one of two ways:
1. Some floor tiles will have to be removed and it is run by humans.
2. A small remote controlled device with a camera crawls thru the floor to the other


Cables are attached to the guide wire (connectors are already on the cable) at the

source end and the cable puller is operated at the destination end pulling the source

cable toward it. It is either passive and hand held or can be electrical on wheels. The

guide wire is re-wound after each cable install.

The basic...