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Auto dispensing of small/used-up Paper Roll Core in Thermal Printers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199601D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a system for automatically dispensing nearly-empty or empty paper rolls from thermal printers. The method incorporates auto-detection of roll diameter which triggers the release of the roll before a user installs a new roll, thus simplifying the process and reducing the risk of damage to the printer.

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Auto dispensing of small/used-up Paper Roll Core in Thermal Printers

When working with printers that require manual replacement of thermal printing paper

rolls, users often forget to remove the empty paper roll core from inside the printer

before installing a new thermal paper roll. Thus, when they insert the new roll and try to

close the printer cover, the cover may break or the machine incorrectly displays the low

paper status.

There are currently no known solutions to this problem relevant to this disclosure.

The solution disclosed here provides an automatic, built-in roll dispensing system for the

printer. The system removes the paper roll core either when it reaches a pre-determined

diameter (set by the user/administrator to indicate low paper volume) or when it is


The functional process follows (see Figure):
1. The system detects the paper diameter (or that the roll is empty).
2. The system drops the core through a dispensing hole.
3. The core follows a path to the front of the printer, from where the user removes it

before installing the new paper roll.

This simplifies the roll-changing method for the user and reduces the risk of damage to

the printer.


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