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Missing Nozzles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199663D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-14
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Initial idea for missing nozzles

This is an initial idea for missing nozzles. It has been shown putting more ink down to the side of the missing nozzle only accentuates the missing nozzle. Thus to mitigate the missing nozzle we need to use other ink to hide the white line produced.

In the highlights we may need still be able to use the put ink down the side of he missing nozzle but this remains to be proven.

Otherwise the best way I can think of is to use different colour ink to hold the same luminance level as this reduced the obviousness to the eye that something has happened. That is to place more of the other colour down to hold the L* value.

Clearly this is possible with black ink missing nozzles as we can place CMY ink to replace the K channel, assuming that the substrate will hold 300% ink coverage.

To replace one of the colours the one strategy could be to replace the missing colour with a mixture of K which matches the L* value. For such a system I have included a simple demonstration of the possibilities of such a system. It will never remove the effect completely but it does reduce the obviousness of the missing nozzle.

Original Image

Missing Cyan nozzle

K added to missing nozzle position to match L*

A more sophisticated strategy which may yield slightly better results would be to use the other colours to give the same L* and the minimum Delta E.

Minimise DeltaE

It is vaguely possible that the K channel replacement (both ways) could be performed post the screening...