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Mass Provisioning & Automated User-Centric Personalization of Computer Workstations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199681D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-14
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A method to provision large numbers of computer workstations and uniquely customize each Operating System (OS) and/or other software based on user-specific information.

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Mass Provisioning & Automated User-Centric Personalization of Computer Workstations

Disclosed is a process for provisioning large numbers of computer workstations with unique user-centric customizations including installing specific software, configuring the installed software using credentials of a respective user and copying specific criteria-based files from a centralized source to specific computer workstations. Benefits of the disclosed process typically include time saved due to automation across the entire process and minimization of human errors.

One possible provisioning solution manually installs an operating system and applications followed by manual customization of each system. Another solution typically uses mass


 rovisioning tools to install an operating system and applications with subsequent manual customization of each system. Other solutions exist in which different aspects of manual and automated steps are performed. In contrast the disclosed process is strictly automated once initiated.

Manually installing operating systems and/or manually customizing a large number of computers is time consuming and can lead to incorrect configuration due to human error.

A goal of the disclosed process is the provisioning of large numbers of computer systems (desktops, servers, laptops, etc.). The desired provisioning includes operating system and application installation, customized data copy from a central source, and system-specific or owner-specific configuration/set-up. The finished product is a deployable system ready for use by the user and customized for the user. The disclosed process automates all aspects of technical interaction needed to configure the operating system, applications, and custom user configurations (such as user ID set-up, or personal file transfers). Known solutions typically install the operating system and applications, but leave custom configuration of user specific set-up by manual means. The manual custom configuration typically represents a large cost in deployment time and resources, which the disclosed process typically avoids.

Figure 1 shows a potential layout of infrastructure typically required to execute the disclosed

process. Figure 2 depicts a flowchart of the disclosed process explained in more detail later.


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Figure 1

With reference to Figure 1,


rerequisites of the disclosed process include a networ


infrastructure capable of supporting network-based provisioning, a provisioning server, and a number of computer workstations requiring provisioning and customization. A convention for uniquely identifying each computer system, known as the Unique Identifier Information (UII) is employed using one or more scripts for configuring a...