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Integrated Combination Bulk Ferrite Block and Cable Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199690D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-14
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Integrated combination bulk ferrite block and cable management is disclosed.

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Common mode radiation from cable(s) that emanate from a rack drawer are suppressed by a length of ferrite core mounted to the cable management arm. The ferrite has room for multiple cables and is formed such that the cabling is near the bulk ferrite for suppression. Internal cable management within the ferrite is described. The location of the ferrite allows common mode that exists on multiple I/O lines with respect to the drawer to be suppressed in a manner that places the ferrite physically close to the drawer as well as mounting that protects the ferrite from shock and vibration.

    Opportunity is to provide both cable management and a location for common mode ferrite for input/output simultaneously. The need for both exists, but there has been a concern on where to place the ferrite and how it may be mounted for shock and addition of additional common mode suppression for noise.

    The invention is to integrate the ferrite block (similar to bulk MDS clamp) into the existing cable management structure in the back of each drawer that handles bulk input/output. The ferrite block size may be increased due to the ideal location of the cable management structure to allow a more formidable treatment of the excess common mode emissions that are generated onto the cabling from the I/O adapters.

    Essentially the arm of the cable management hardware is converted to a side mounted block ferrite clamp as shown in Figure 1.

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    Internal to the clamp is plastic inserts that m...