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2-Phase Transaction Coordinator with Compensation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199708D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-15
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Disclosed is a 2-phase transaction coordinator with compensation.

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2-Phase Transaction Coordinator with Compensation

A 2-phase transaction coordinator is disclosed for that augments 2-phase commit protocol with compensation.

The disclosed transaction coordinator in addition to capturing transaction details upon each resource, also captures compensation logic in case of transactions upon cohorts. The transaction coordinator may thus be configured to initiate compensation when some of the other resources have committed the transaction while other have failed resulting in the possibility of a heuristic outcome.

Fig.1 illustrates the steps in the coordination. The transaction coordinator initiates 2-phase commit through prepare and thereafter commit. However, some cohorts fail in the final phase of commit. The transaction coordinator releases the lock on the cohorts that agree to compensation mode and apply the compensation when it determines irrecoverability of the failed cohorts.

Figure 1

Resource that agree to participate in the compensatory mode in the above transaction must do so with an assumption that state transition from pre to post transaction can be negated using compensation at a later point of time and the states in between the points in time the transaction is initiated to the compensation is executed shall not affect the end user of the same. For example a stock position consolidation sub-system in an equity trading system where the beginning of day and end of day positions are relevant may be subject to such compensa...