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Method and system for Peer Based Cell Phone Diagnostics

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199811D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-16
Document File: 2 page(s) / 50K

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A method and system for peer based cell phone diagnostics is disclosed. The method and system decreases the dependence on process driven troubleshooting and improves customer satisfaction.

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Method and system for Peer Based Cell Phone Diagnostics

Disclosed is a method and system for peer based cell phone diagnostics. The method includes establishing a Bluetooth* OR Wi-Fi* session between two phones by activating a predefined button or key sequence on a cell phone. On establishing the session, a first phone may run a set of diagnostics tests on a second phone or prompt the second phone to perform self diagnostic tests. The results of the diagnostic tests are then saved in a file and transferred to a customer support center associated with a carrier by the first phone. An agent at a customer support center views the results of the diagnostic tests and is able to determine if the problem is associated with the cell phone ,i.e., if there is a problem with the configuration setting of the cell phone or if the problem is with the user.

The Figure illustrates an exemplary instance of the method and system, wherein two phones, a "good" phone and a "problem" phone perform peer based cell phone diagnostics. The user of the good phone initiates a session with the problem phone by pressing and holding a predefined key or a key sequence on the cell phone. Simultaneously, the user with the problem phone also enters or holds a predefined key or key sequence. The session is established when both the users are prompted to release their respective predefined keys or key sequence. A set of "hello" messages may be transmitted to the good phone and the problem phone to e...