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System and method to conserve engergy and manage power settings based on a user's anticipated or known geographical location

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199813D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-16
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This invention describes a system and method to manage power settings on mobile devices by evaluating a consumer’s calendar and dynamically adjusting power settings based on a profile and rules engine. Additional methods describe power management techniques based on a Global Positioning System (GPS) and weather conditions. The ability to make automatic changes to power profiles without requiring the user to constantly change the power settings conserves energy and prolongs battery life.

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System and method to conserve engergy and manage power settings based on a user 's anticipated or known geographical location

Batteries in mobile devices do not last as long as users require. People have difficulty finding the means to plug in their devices for battery charging or have to purchase and carry extra batteries. The ultimate devices can be trusted to operate for long periods of time and provide a level of certainty that enough power will be available when needed. Most of today's mobile devices provide battery level indicators (usually three to five bars); however, this does not accurately reflect how long the device will remain operational. Additionally, how long each bar lasts is different depending on whether the user is utilizing power-consuming components such as disks or Wi-Fi* (IEEE 802.11 technology). A further complicating factor is that three bars on one device is not the same as three bars on another device. Consumers need more reliable method of ensuring that a device will have sufficient power for a given time period.

Current solutions in software and laptops allow users to select from a list of profiles (optimized, performance, automatic, presentation, etc) which can prolong the life of the battery by dimming the display, turning off the drive, or automatically putting the device on stand-by mode when it is not in use for a certain period of time. This is an adequate solution for prolonging the battery life, but does not change based on u...