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Combined Test Results and Machine Status Reporting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199890D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-20
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Combined test machine error reporting and test results reporting.

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Combined Test Results and Machine Status Reporting

Test results are often reported to testers via a web page. Test machine information is also often reported via a website(which is different to the test results web page). It is often not easy to see if any failures of the test machines themselves could impact the test results which you are viewing.

    Creation of a testing portal to provide a unified view of the test results and test machine information data. With this unified view, it would be possible to exclude any test results from your view for test machines that you knew had problems, meaning that you only see test results that ran on test machines that are deemed as 'good'. This would make it quicker and easier for the tester to spot the potential defects in the product they are testing, as they need to search through less results and any failures that are seen are guaranteed not to be because of a test machine problems.

    This feature of the test portal contains two main sections. The first of these is a section where the user can enter information about known test system and dependant product failures, or any other impacts on the test results which are not caused by the system under test (e.g. a server that was down, or a failed network connection etc). The second section contains test results. This may or may not be part of a portal containing other features. These sections may be presented together or separately, for example on one web page or via two separate requests to the system.

    When a user of the system notices that there has been a proble...