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A mechanism or system to for creating personalised SMS responders using data sources previously selected by the user Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199892D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-20
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There is a plethora of information on the web, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, however, even with the advent of smartphones, people are not always connected to the internet when they want information. This disclosure explains a mechanism or system that allows the user to set up predetermined queries that capture data from another system. This mechanism then allows the user to send a text message to the system and receive in return a message containing exactly the information returned from the predetermined query.

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A mechanism or system to for creating personalised SMS responders using data sources previously selected by the user

The process can be split into three steps:
1. User defines how to get the data they will want in the future. They are returned a unique identifier.
2. Users send a text message containing the unique identifier.
3. System obtains the data and sends it back to the user as a SMS text message. In more detail:
1. The user can highlight an area of a webpage, RSS feed or similar source of information available on the internet. The "system" can track how the user obtained the information and use that to effectively "screen-scrape" the page to obtain the desired information. For example, a user could highlight a stock-exchange ticker, or the arrival time of an airplane. The system then stores this query in a database and returns a unique identifier for it.
2. The user sends a text message to the system containing the unique identifier. When the system receives it, it runs the query to obtain the up to date data from whatever source was selected. It should then remove all formatting data and where possible, compress the data into a smaller 160 character message.
3. The system sends this message back to the user as a text message.

    This system works on all mobile phones - it does not require a smartphone or an internet connection. Even if the user does have a smartphone with an internet connection, this system allows the user to get the information required in a sim...