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Calendar Headers to Maximize Screen Real Estate Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199898D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-20
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Disclosed is an application for online calendar systems which, both automatically and through user selection, maximizes the screen space in order to provide the user with the best configuration for viewing and taking action.

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Calendar Headers to Maximize Screen Real Estate

A common problem with online calendars is limited real estate (i.e., screen space),

particularly in simultaneous column views of multiple days. With this limitation, entry text

is either cut short or wraps in the column, often becoming unreadable.

There are several strategies to work around this problem; all have a downside:
• Minimizing individual day columns. The column is still present and consumes real

estate. Also, the minimization of columns does not allow for other days to "roll in".
• Increasing the resolution of the computer screen. This does not always address

the real estate problem and is not an option for all users.
• Clicking days to view option provides columns for the days that are selected. This

takes the user out of the context of the current calendar view. It does not really

allow for a "quick" expanding/collapsing of the columns in the current view.
• Clicking on the header a day from a multiday column view to move to a view of

that day. This takes the user out of the context of a week and is not conveniently

navigable. In addition, it does not allow for the comparison of multiple days.
• Incorporating a window-shade method. This does not allow for the comparison of

• Zooming in to calendar sections. This does not allow for comparisons between

days and does not maximize space.

The disclosed invention is comprised of the following novel features:
• A user can click on the header of a day (or possible alternate mechanism) to

allow that day to...