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Search Engines providing additional search results based on users configuration. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199904D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-21
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Existing Social Search Engines display search results based on some undisclosed proprietary algorithms. They do take care of social activities of the pages like tagging, rating, number of time page has been visited etc in general. Existing algorithms however fail to give much importance to an individual's preferences while displaying the search results. Enterprise Social Search applications aggregate social data off line and then they display search results when search is performed. Social data generally comprises of tagging, recommendations, rating, comments etc. This data is pushed to social search engines periodically to be indexed. Search engines use this index database to provide search results. Results provided by these engines are generic in nature i.e. they are not customized for a specific user. What if a user wants to view search pages associated with a group of people as part of his search results? What if a user wants to add his own most suitable page for a given search keyword and wants to see that when he performs the same search next time?

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Search Engines providing additional search results based on users configuration .

1. The primary claim of our proposed system would enable the user to explicitly enter one or more Persons by whom to filter search results . The action by the user happens at search time -- i.e., when the user enters their search criteria .
2. Our system would enable users to save the search query along with the explicitly defined people for later use.
3. The explicitly entered list pf people is valid only for a particular search and can be altered for the next search.

Authors: Thomas Burris, Anurag Srivastava, Yogeshwar Khadilkar.

The idea proposes to have these two additional sections in the search results:

My Preferred Result:

"My preferred result" shows any result that user had earlier added as the "most suitable" for himself for a given "keyword". The url of the page can be indexed by the keyword and association of user will also need to be stored so that it can be retrieved later. UI can have feature to add/update most preferred result right from the search page.

"Preferred People" results:

As mentioned above, its calculated through user's social interaction i.e. his interaction and involvement through various social networking applications like Tagging, Rating or Recommender etc. An algorithm can be developed to calculate top results.

In very simple words, if a user has tagged a page with the name "

recommended this page to others and rated this page v high, this page will...